XVIII Spanish-French School Jacques-Louis Lions about Numerical Simulation in Physics and Engineering

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 25-29 June 2018



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3 Conferences of 1 hour :

Numerical methods for free boundary problems”

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“Nash Games and Evolutionary Algorithms for solving CFD design optimization problems : Applications to the drag reduction of a Natural Laminar Airfoil using a Control Bump Active device at transonic shocked flow regimes”

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“Staggered schemes for compressible flows”

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4 Conferences of 30 minutes:

  •  SeMA "Antonio Valle" Young Investigator Award 2017

“Computer-Assisted Proofs in Partial Differential Equations”

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Javier Gómez Serrano
Assistant Professor, Analysis Partial Differential Equations                                                    

Department of Mathematics

Princeton University
  • Best Thesis 2017 selected for ECCOMAS award:

“Phase-field modeling and isogeometric analysis of cell crawling”

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Adrián Moure
Post-Doctoral Research Associate                                                       

School of Mechanical Engineering

Purdue University
  • Best paper 2016 of SeMA Journal

“Regularity of solutions of elliptic problems with Dirac measures as data.”

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Professor of Applied Math
Université de Valenciennes

  • Best paper 2017 of SeMA Journal

“Variational methods for non-variational problems”

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Professor of Applied Math
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha


Special Session 1 and 2:

11 Conferences of 15 minutes of former Ferragut's student = 3 hours approx.

“The Meccano Method for Mesh Generation and Solid Parameterization”

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Longest-Edge N-Section for Mesh Refinement, Properties and Open Problems”

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 Optimal Electrode Design of Cochlear Implants using Multiobjective Optimization

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Neptuno ++: An Adaptive Finite Element Toolbox for Numerical Simulation of Environmental Problems”

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"Some Proposals on 3D Simulation of Air Velocity and Temperature Evolution in Buildings"

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“A High Resolution Diagnostic Wind Model. Application to Downscaling Mesoscale Model Results for Wind Forecasting”

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Multiobjective Optimum Design for Engineering Applications”

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 Solar Radiation Modelling and Forecasting

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“PhyFire & HDWind: from the initial ideas to the current tool”

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Numerical models for near explosions. Effects on structures.”

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Total = 30 hours aprox. (6 hours per day approx.) including the Poster Sessions

(see timetable)


A certificate will be given for master and doctorate students recognizing 3 ECTS