XVIII Spanish-French School Jacques-Louis Lions about Numerical Simulation in Physics and Engineering

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 25-29 June 2018



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ˇ        Attendants are encouraged to participate in the School with a poster contribution.


ˇ        The poster should be on a research topic in the fields of Applied Mathematics or Numerical Simulation in Physics and Engineering.


ˇ        Posters should be size A0, and must be physically brought to the School by one of the registered authors.


ˇ        The XVIII 'Jacques-Louis Lions' Spanish-French School will host a poster session including a competition for the best poster. The best poster award will be announced during the conference dinner.


ˇ        The posters will be orally presented in a special session, providing a high visibility among the participants to the School and guaranteeing interactions between poster presenters and audience.


ˇ        Besides the official poster session, posters will be exposed to facilitate communication among researchers.



Abstract submission

ˇ        An abstract of the poster must be sent through the "Easychair webpage" of the School before 20th February 2018 to be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. "Poster Deadline Extended until 28th february 2018!!"


ˇ        Please, send your abstract in a pdf file following the guidelines in the linked LaTeX template.


ˇ        An acceptance or rejection decision will be communicated to the authors by 20th (Extended 28th) March 2018.


ˇ        The abstract shall include the title and authors, and a short description of the work to be presented in the poster. The authors of those posters accepted by the scientific committee, should bring a printed copy of the poster.


ˇ       (08/05/2018 - Poster Template has been updated to include the Poster Number after the Title) The poster board area is DINA0, and it should follow the proposed format,  having a label for the top of the poster space indicating the title and authors, and the number of the poster that the organization will provide.


ˇ        At least one author  has to be registered and must attend the School for presenting the poster if the abstract submission is approved.


ˇ        Once the poster has been accepted for presentation in the School, the authors must update the abstract file in the "Easychair webpage" with a new PDF file including both, abstract and the Poster, before 30th April (Final extended deadline 20th May) 2018 to participate in the Poster contest.


Poster Contest


The following posters are accepted to participate in the EHF poster contest. Also remember that each participant should provide the printed poster to the EHF2018 at each afternoon session (monday 25th june and tuesday 26th june) in order to expose and present the contribution.


  • Poster Number 1:

    - Title: Modeling and simulation of ellipsoidal droplets growing on patterned substrates during dropwise condensation.

    - Authors: S. Boroomandi Barati, J.C. Pinoli, S. Valette, Y. Gavet.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 2:

    - Title: Modelling of bedload sediment transport for weak and strong flow regimes.

    - Authors: E.D. Fernández-Nieto, G. Narbona-Reina, T. Morales de Luna and C. Escalante.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 3:

    - Title: Spectral Variational Multi-Scale methods for two-dimensional convection-diffusion problems.

    - Authors: T. Chacón Rebollo, S. Fernández-García and M. Gómez-Mármol.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 4:

    - Title: Reduced Basis Method for natural convection in a variable height cavity.

    - Authors: T. Chacón Rebollo, E. Delgado Ávila and M. Gómez Mármol.

    Abstract         Poster


  • Poster Number 5:

    - Title: An inverse problem governed by the Lamč System: tumor identification.

    - Authors: Enrique Fernández-Cara and Faustino Maestre.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 6:

    - Title: Optimal Intraregional Location of Emissions in a Transboundary Pollution Dynamic Game.

    - Authors: Javier de Frutos, Paula M. López-Pérez, Guiomar Martín-Herrány.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 7:

    - Title: Nonlinear subdivision in Uncertainty Quantification.

    - Authors: Antonio Baeza, Rosa Donat, Sergio López-Ureńa.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 8:

    - Title: Tumor development model with vasculature.

    - Authors: A. Fernández Romero, F. Guillén González and A. Suárez Fernández.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 9:

    - Title: Energy stable numerical schemes for a chemo-repulsion model with linear production term.

    - Authors: F. Guillén-González, M. A. Rodríguez-Bellido and D. A. Rueda-Gómez.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 11:

    - Title: PILEDYN: a boundary element - finite element software package for PILE group linear DYNamic analysis.

    - Authors: M.Castro, J.D.R.Bordón, C.Medina, G.M. Álamo, F.González, F.García, L.A.Padrón, J.J.Aznárez and O.Maeso.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 12:

    - Title: Delay control of reaction-diffusion equations.

    - Authors: Eduardo Casas, Mariano Mateos and Fredi Tröltzsch.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 13:

    - Title: Numerical simulations of fire-spotting: flame characteristics formulation.

    - Authors: V.N. Egorova, A. Trucchia and G. Pagnini.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 14:

    - Title: A Boussinesq model for thermodynamics simulations of eco-efficient courtyards.

    - Authors: F.J. Carmona-Molero, E.D. Fernández-Nieto and S. Rubino.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 15:

    - Title: Convergence rate of an asymptotic preserving scheme for the limit of the p-system with damping.

    - Authors: S. Bulteau, C. Berthon, M. Bessemoulin-Chatard.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 16:

    - Title: Surrogate-based analysis of turbulence and fire-spotting in wild-land fire modelling.

    - Authors: A. Trucchia, V.N. Egorova, M. Rochoux and G. Pagnini.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 17:

    - Title: Tensor Empirical Interpolation Method for multivariate functions.

    - Authors: Asma Toumi, Florian De Vuyst.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 18:

    - Title: Time-parallel algorithm for two phase flows simulation.

    - Authors: K. Ait Ameury, Y. Maday and M. Tajchman.

    Abstract         Poster


  • Poster Number 19:

    - Title: Review of numerical schemes for the classical Keller-Segel system.

    - Authors: Alba M. Navarro Izquierdo, M. Victoria Redondo Neble and J. Rafael Rodríguez Galván.

    Abstract         Poster


  • Poster Number 21:

    - Title: A proposed methodology of wind simulation over complex orography and applications on mountains of Aguimes, Gran Canaria, Spain.

    - Authors: J. Abdelfatah, G. Winter and B. Gonzalez.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 22:

    - Title: A Well-balanced Finite Volume Scheme for Shallow Water Equations with Porosity.

    - Authors: Minh H. Le, Virgile Dubos, Marina Oukacine and Nicole Goutal.

    Abstract         Poster

  • Poster Number 24:

    - Title: UNAMalla: a system for generating quality structured meshes on irregular plane regions.

    - Authors: D.Pablo Barrera, Guilmer González Flores, Gustavo García Cano, Isidro Abelló Ugalde, Victoria Hernández Mederos.

    Abstract         Poster







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